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DuPont is associated with the following categories

Raw Materials


Roll Goods

Spunbond, Spunlace

Patent Results

Patent:#7,022,388 - Laminated Polyester Film and Laminated Film
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Patent:#7,368,165 - Process for the Production of Coated Polymeric Film
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Additional Roll Good Product Data

Plant Locations: Richmond, VA; Luxembourg, Old Hickory, TN; Shanzhen, China; Usunomiya, Japan; Asturias, Spain
Fibers Used: Nylon, Polypropylene
Brands: Tyvek, Sontara, Typar, Cambrelle, Xavan, Suprel, Softesse
Applications: construction, medical, protective apparel, cleanroom, absorbents, packaging, graphics, carpeting, envelopes, home furnishings, footwear
Sales Manager: Bernard Green

DuPont appears in the following articles

Separation Anxiety?
Valued as much for its growth potential as its ability to fetch a competitive price, the battery separator market has been a hot investment area in recent years.
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

Filtration: Focus of Many
Vast in the number of markets it serves and types of nonwovens technologies it uses, the filtration market has been the subject of much attention in recent years as older players broaden their scope and newcomers enter the fold.
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

The Converter Roundup
by Steve Katz, Managing Editor

New Applications for Nonwovens
Technical markets show how nonwovens aren’t just for disposables anymore.
by by Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor

New Developments
by by Seshadri Ramkumar and Vinitkumar Singh, Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory, Texas Tech University, USA

Indian Minister Predicts Growth in Technical Textiles
with growth of 11%, market size predicted to reach Rs. 66,414 by 2012
by Devaraj Parthasarathy

2009 International Top 40
Waiting For Recovery

INDA Hosts Filtration 2008
filtration industry meets in Philly to discuss recent developments

Nonwovens Help Construction Go Green
demand for more energy efficient buildings increases the role of nonwovens in roofing and construction applications
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Performance & Comfort - All In One?
new protective garments prove two key features aren't mutually exclusive
by Ellen Wuagneux

Stretching Sales
with the focus clearly on fit, the nonwovens industry adds more elastics to give hygiene producers what they want
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

International Top 40
a look at the leading nonwovens producers in the world

Companies To Watch
profiles of other important nonwovens producers

What Is Your Nonwoven Made Of?
new fiber technology changes the face of nonwovens
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Strong & Steady
roofing and construction markets see solid growth and promise potential for future expansion
by Ellen Wuagneux

Protecting America's Bravest
nonwovens technology used in bunker gear and personal protection equipment for firefighters
by Michael Ciampo

Spunlace: Still Wiping Up?
overcapacity and pricing issues worry producers, but there is hope that product differentiation will lead the way
by Ellen Wuagneux

Filtration Attracts A Crowd
high volumes, high margins make filtration a winning bet for many nonwovens producers
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

2006 Top 40 Company Report
Investment Heavy In Global Nonwovens Industry

Looking for Safety and Comfort? Medical Workers Give Nonwovens A Try
nonwovens up the ante in innovation to give healthcare personnel what they want
by Karen McIntyre

Emerging Markets: China, India, Latin American and Eastern Europe
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

It's A Wrap
roofing and construction markets expand to meet new demands for high performance weatherizaton products
by Ellen Wuagneux

Spunlace Market Report
with a slate of new capacity coming onstream, producers look beyond commodities to add value in wipes and other markets
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Hygiene Component Suppliers Provide Form, Fit and Function
pricing pressures, demands for innovation continue to define industry
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Airlaid: State Of The Industry
better...but not good
by Phillip Mango

International Top 40
a look at the leading nonwovens producers in the world

The Call for Composites
Creative fabric and fiber combinations help boost versatility in this busy segment
by Elllen Wuagneux

Fibers Fight Back
despite raw material prices, supply shortages, suppliers focus on innovation to secure a brighter future
by Karen Bitz

Building a brighter future
nonwovens meet the grade in roofing and construction markets where educated home buyers and builders are demanding higher performing products

manufacturers scramble to take advantage of wipes market growth, but can it last?

Nonwovens’ Potential And The Unique Indian Situation
future looks bright for disposables and durables in India

breathability and barrier resistance are key requirements in the medical sector

SAP shortages, customer demands, pricing pressures make it difficult to do business in diapers

The International Top 40
a look at the top companies in nonwovens

IDEA Award Winners Announced
industry honors innovation in a number of categories

companies showcase products, services

Chinese Outlook
sunrise business is expanding

housing styles fuel nonwovens growth

EPA needs more equitable solutions

Safety First, Comfort Second
protective apparel makers try new materials to boost compliance

Hygiene Suppliers Hang Tough
market conditions pose many challenges in components

The Medical Market: Charting Progress
manufacturers seek balance of protection and comfort

profiles of the top worldwide manufacturers of nonwovens

A Winning Combination
composites gain importance as the nonwovens industry looks for new technology

Synthetic Fiber Update
polyester, polypropylene, others positioned well for future growth

Taking Roofs To A Higher Level
nonwovens’ enhancements shape residential and commercial roofing markets

21st Annual Expo in Print
advertisers highlight company products, technologies and services

Give Me Shelter
jittery Americans boost protective apparel sales but manufacturers view growth with skepticism

Wiping Up Profits
outlook for home and commercial wipes sales remains strong

Making An Incision In The Medical Market
nonwovens are a preferred material for use in hospitals
by Eileen Wubbe

The International Top 40
annual survey profiles the top nonwoven roll goods producers worldwide

Look What Happened At INDEX 02
a review of the year’s largest nonwovens exposition

Wipe Products Change The Way We Work And Play
a look at the market for nonwoven wipes
by Karen Bitz

The International Top 40
annual survey profiles the top nonwoven roll goods producers worldwide
by Karen Bitz

INTC Preview
a detailed look at events planned for this annual gathering

IDEA 01 Review
triennial event marked as largest gathering of nonwovens industry in North America

A New Spin On Spunlace
strength, durability and a textile-like feel have given nonwovens manufacturers high hopes for this technology
by Karen Bitz

In The Line Of Fire
nonwovens in the protective apparel market
by C.E. Pelc

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave
roll goods producers focus on their websites in the hope of ensnaring customers
by C.E. Pelc

The Year Of The Wipe
roll goods producers see no end to the recent boom in the nonwovens wiping business
by C.E. Pelc

Review & Forecast
executives discuss how the nonwovens industry fared in 2000 and make predictions for 2001

Diagnosis: Nonwovens
nonwovens manufacturers are optimistic about the future of the medical market

The International Top 40
annual survey profiles the top nonwoven roll goods producers worldwide

Website Marketing: Pathway To The Future Or Necessary Evil?
Nonwovens Industry’s first-ever review of the Web reveals how nonwovens companies stack up
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

Nonwovens Make Themselves At Home
nonwovens strengthen their hold in homes around the world
by C.E. Pelc

Doing Big Business In A Small World
suppliers of diaper components are striving to meet challenges
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

Filtering Out Trends In The Filtration Market
a segmented business where manufacturers are finding their niche

The Little Wipe That Could
nonwovens begin to 'wipe up' the competition
by C.E. Frei

Scalpel. . . Suction. . . Nonwoven
our 'check-up' on recent trends and issues in the medical market

The Top 40 International Roll Goods Manufacturers
annual survey profiles the top producers worldwide

There's No Place Like Home
trends, changes and challenges for nonwovens in the home furnishings sector

Spunlaced Nonwovens
companies declare success in Europe and continue quest for markets

Technology In Search Of Markets
notes on air laid nonwovens of yesterday, today and tomorrow
by Ivan Pivko

Prospects For The Nonwoven Products Business In North America
market growth on the order of 4% expected
by John R. Starr

Fabrics And Fibers Protecting The Firefighter
highly engineered nonwovens play an important role in defending NYC’s ‘bravest’
by Michael N. Ciampo

Needlepunched Nonwovens: Is It Time For Another Look?
at long last needlepunching is being acknowledged as a sophisticated—rather than simplistic—technology set to play an essential role in the global nonwovens industry of tomorrow
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

Top 40 Roll Goods Companies

The Evolving Protective Apparel Market
absorbency, breathability, comfort and heat stress lead the list of challenges for this growing market