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Spunmelt Polypropylene
The Leading Global Technology for Nonwoven Supply and Demand
by David J. Price, Partner, Price Hanna Consultants LLC

Spunmelt changes the map
New investment spans the globe as nonwovens industry prepares for hundreds of thousands of tons of new capacity to reshape the spunmelt market
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

Separation Anxiety?
Valued as much for its growth potential as its ability to fetch a competitive price, the battery separator market has been a hot investment area in recent years.
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

Middle East and North Africa prepare for growth
Led by P&Gs plan for Egypt, investment boosts the entire region.
by Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor

Quality Control & Inspection Systems Update
A look at how quality control and inspection systems are helping move nonwovens and disposable products forward
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

Online exclusive: Medline launches new inco product, opens facility
FitRight briefs will be made at state-of-the-art plant near Atlanta

Disposable Diapers Go Designer
Special prints attract consumers in the West while global manufacturers look to developing world markets to increase penetration.
by Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor

Baby Diaper Manufacturers Directory

Equipment Review: Hygiene Machinery
by Steve Katz, contributor

Whos Who In Baby Diaper Machinery

International Products Featured at Recent Private Label Show
by Susan Stansbury, Contributing Editor

Visionary Awards
Capture Spirit of Innovation in Nonwovens
by Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor

Wipes: What, Where, Why & How?
by Pranay Bhaskar Sahu, Welspun India Limited

Online exclusive: SCA growth driven by emerging markets
Company reports 13% hygiene growth in emerging markets
by Karen McIntyre

Drive On with Nonwovens
Technology advances and changing customer needs open up new pathways for nonwovens in the automotives industry.
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

Hygiene Components
Innovative suppliers are balancing the industrys demands for lightweight, effective and fashionable products.
by Steve Katz, Managing Editor

Color Splash
U.K. design students collaborate with Lenzing to make eco-friendly clothing for men and women.
by Lynne Webster & David Backhouse, School of Design, University of Leeds, UK

The Year That Was 2011
New investments dominated the headlines but that wasnt the years only story.

SINCE 2011
The biennial event brought a wealth of energy, enthusiasm and education to Shanghai.
by Steve Katz, Managing Editor

Online exclusive: Survey tracks consumer habits in diaper market
Parents influenced by performance, price above all
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

The Feminine Hygiene Market
An aging population, and growth in emerging markets are among the feminine hygiene sector challenges, and brand owners and manufacturers are responding in innovative ways.
by Steve Katz, Managing Editor

Filtration: Focus of Many
Vast in the number of markets it serves and types of nonwovens technologies it uses, the filtration market has been the subject of much attention in recent years as older players broaden their scope and newcomers enter the fold.
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

Its a Small World
Research is leading to developments in the intriguing nanotechnology sector of the nonwovens industry.
by Steve Katz, Managing Editor

Private Label
Underperforms in Recession
by Ian Bell, Head of Home Care, Tissue and Hygiene Research, Euromonitor International

Online Exclusive: Sonobond and the BP oil spill cleanup
Forty percent of the booms used by BP after the spill were made with Sonobond equipment.

The Future of Superabsorbents in Food Packaging: Nonwovens Powders or Fibers?
The inclusion of superabsorbents has opened up doors for airlaid nonwovens in this market.
by Phil Mango, Phil Mango Consulting

Industrial Nonwovens
While wipers are still a market mainstay, new products and technologies continue to emerge.
by Steve Katz, Managing Editor

The Converter Roundup
by Steve Katz, Managing Editor

Online Exclusive: K-C, Walmart, Operation Homefront diaper needy babies
More than 20 military moms-to-be enjoy baby shower, receive Huggies Camo diapers, wipes.

International Top Company Report
Expansion. Expansion. Expansion.
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

Online Exclusive: NC State leads research into conductive nonwovens
Smart nonwovens offer many advantages in applications ranging from textiles to packaging.
by David Savastano

Machinery & Equipment Focus
A look at the latest offerings from suppliers of machinery for nonwovens.

The Ups and Downs of the Needlepunch Market
Surge in capacity shows strength of new applications for needlepunched nonwovens.
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

True Safety in the Operating Room
Security and safety are key features driving the growth of single-use surgical drapes and gowns in Europe and beyond.
by Helena Engqvist, Contributor

Hygienes Curb Appeal
While fashion-ability is the most obvious hygiene packaging trend, some of the largest trends are less visible.
by Leah Genuario, Contributor

Online Exclusive: NC State leads research into conductive nonwovens
Smart nonwovens offer many advantages in applications ranging from textiles to packaging.
by David Savastano

Highlights from Techtextil
Nonwovens innovation shines in Frankfurt
by by Helena Enqvist, Contributor

Online Exclusive: USDA-Agricultural Research Service Makes Initiatives in Nonwovens
New Orleans testing lab studies, advances cotton's role.

Online Exclusive: Overview and Prospect of the Feminine Hygiene Market In 2010
Chinese volumes grow as lifestyles improve
by By Jiang Manxia, Zhang Yulan and Sun Jing, CNHPIA

Online Exclusive: SCA CEO discusses first half sales and investments
With emerging markets showing favorable growth, the company has recently completed multiple machinery investments.

Fibers All Star Team
Natural and synthetic fiber producers are stepping up to the plate with a slew of innovative and sustainable fibers for nonwovens.

Feel The Stretch
The nonwovens industry is developing innovative technologies to help producers incorporate more stretch into the design of hygiene, medical and industrial products, responding to increasing demands for better fit, comfort, elasticity and recovery
by by Sandra Levy, Associate Editor

INDEX 2011
A look at what exhibitors showcased at INDEX 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Online Exclusive: Industry Happy About AHP/Arquest Deal
Experts think it will open up opportunities in the diaper market
by Karen McIntyre

Online Exclusive: BandZorb CEO Attends WOW In Search of a New Supplier
Innovation was celebrated at this year's wipes conference
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Techtextil Preview
by Sandra Levy, Associate Editor

Companies Rush To Resume Production In Wake Of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
by Sandra Levy, Associate Editor

INDEX 2011: The Best Ever
INDEX Awards are a show highlight
by Karen McIntyre, Editor

Online Exclusive: P&G Continues To Grow Amidst Challenges
diapers, wipes prices to increase this summer
by Karen McIntyre

Silence Is Golden
quiet, pleasenonwovens are concentrating on the acoustics market where they are gaining clout for their cost-effective performance at lower weights.
by by Sandra Levy, Associate Editor

New Applications for Nonwovens
Technical markets show how nonwovens arent just for disposables anymore.
by by Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor

Online exclusive: Get Ready For First Defense Nasal Screens
nonwoven filters make breathing easier
by Sandra Levy

Reap What You Sow
Nonwovens face challenges but continue to grow in the agriculture market
by by Karen McIntyre, Editor

New Developments
by by Seshadri Ramkumar and Vinitkumar Singh, Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory, Texas Tech University, USA

Bicomponent Fibers for Nonwovens in China: Now and in the Future
Market is growing but continues to represent a small percentage of total production.
by by John Xuan, Yancheng Textile College, YCTEX IMP & EXP Co., LTD

Heightened Demand For Nonwovens
Prompts Worlds Leading Nonwovens Event, INDEX 11 To Extend Exhibition Space

Index Preview

Incontinence, An Embarrassment Of Riches
by by Ian Bell, head of global tissue and research, Euromonitor International

Coming Home
Impending flammability rules for upholstered furniture and top of bed may fire up opportunities for nonwovens suppliers.
by by Sandra Levy, Associate Editor

Homeward Bound
The home furnishings sector is rolling out a welcome mat and nonwovens suppliers are making themselves right at home.
by by Sandra Levy, Associate Editor

Spunlace Showdown
Manufacturers balance catering to the wipes markets ever changing needs with the never ending search for new markets.
by by Karen McIntyre, Editor

Techtextil North American Preview

INDEX 2011 Preview

Nonwovens In Food Packaging: Its A Wrap
Food industry has an appetite for airlaid when it comes to packaging and pads.
by by Sandra Levy Associate Editor

Online Exclusive: Tips On Improving Your Green Footprint
Strassner Shares Insight on How Nonwovens Can Become More Sustainable
by by Sandra Levy Associate Editor

Online Exclusive: What Is The U.S. Department of Commerce Doing To Promote Sustainability In Nonwovens?
trade specialist outlines government plans to help manufacturing go green
by by Sandra Levy Associate Editor

Online Exclusive: Benefits of Nonwovens in Improving Fire Safety of Upholstered Furniture and Bedding

If You Build It, They Will Come
hygiene machinery specialists are building faster, more efficient systems to meet manufacturers pressing demands for product enhancements and cost efficiencies
by by Sandra Levy Associate Editor

Online Exclusive: K-C Executives Won't Comment On the Fate of Jeans Diapers
but they will admit that diaper innovations are on their way
by Karen McIntyre

Online Exclusive: DryMax Continues To Be a Win For Procter
Diaper Share is Up Around the Globe
by Karen McIntyre

Online Exclusive: Tips On Improving Your Green Footprint
Strassner Shares Insight on How Nonwovens Can Become More Sustainable
by Sandra Levy

Nonwovens For The Automotive Market:
the use of nonwovens is accelerating in the automotive industry, thanks to attributes such as lower weights, flexibility, the ability to absorb noise and improved aesthetics
by by Sandra Levy Associate Editor

2010 The Year That Was
nonwovens companies continue to make moves to ensure growth
by by Karen McIntyre Editor

Online Exclusive: Hanna Discusses Hygiene Trends at Vision
Investment Matches Global Growth Patterns
by Karen McIntyre

Obtaining Patent Protection in Nano-Nonwovens: Best Practices
by by Gregg Gissett Patent Attorney, intellectual property practice group, Womble Carlyle

Online Exclusive: Nonwovens Take A Bite Out Of Bed Bugs
by By Sandra Levy, associate editor

Industrial Wipes Market:
The Comeback Kid
by by Sandra Levy Associate Editor

Airlaid At Bat
slow and steady growth and cautious investment seems to be the trick for success in this nonwovens market
by by Karen McIntyre Editor

Contract Service Manufacturers Review
by by Sandra Levy Associate Editor

Online Exclusive: Get Ready For Light Activated Antimicrobials
by by Sandra Levy Associate Editor

Online Exclusive: Get Ready For Light Activated Antimicrobials
by by Sandra Levy Associate Editor

Machinery & Equipment Focus
A look at the latest offerings from suppliers of machinery for nonwovens
by Compiled by Sandra Levy, associate editor

Changing the LooK Of Hygiene Products
disposable goods manufacturersand the machinery suppliers who serve themrespond to the need for less is more packaging, cutting edge designs and a brand new day for hygiene.
by by Karen McIntyre Editor

Online Exclusive: Did The Boom For Nonwovens Go Bust?
Now That the Gulf Crisis is Resolved, Boom Makers Have To Deal With Increased Inventory and Lessened Demand
by Sandra Levy

The 41st Annual Buyers Guide
How To Use This International Buyers Guide:

Online exclusive: P&G Chief Promises Innovation Ahead
Moeller tells analysts that he is pleased with the power of his companys pipeline
by Karen McIntyre

Online Exclusive: WOW Conference Beats Records
Success Reflects Importance of Wipes
by Sandra Levy

2010 Company Capabilities

Online Exclusive: Nonwovens: Booming In the Gulf?
Absorbent Devices are Helping Keep Oil at Bay in Environmental Crisis
by Karen McIntyre

Online Exclusive: New On Baby, Denim Diapers
K-C Launches Limited Edition Huggies Little Movers Jeans
by Karen McIntyre

Killer e-Marketing Tools
Advice on how to make the most use of social media, email marketing and other e-tools.
by by Joe Dysart, contributor

Online Exclusive: Insights from Auto Makers For the Nonwovens Industry
Opportunities for Nonwovens in Vehicles Are Vast
by Seshadri Ramkumar, Texas Tech University

Spunmelt Makers Fresh Bag Of Tricks
spunmelt makers have some aces up their sleeves to hit the jackpot
by Sandra Levy, Associate Editor

Online Exclusive: Sandler's Eventful 2009
Production Levels, Sales Are Up Despite Economic Crises

Surenchre des fabricants pour tendre leur gamme de produits pour lincontinence

Los fabricantes expandirn los productos bsicos para incontinencia

Widens Its Scope
by by Susan Stansbury

Online Exclusive: GreaseMonkey Wipes Enter the Shark Tank
ABC Reality Show Gives Thumbs Up to Degreaser Wipes
by Karen McIntyre

Online Exclusive: SCA Continues to Grow in Personal Care
Diaper markets challenging but incontinence, feminine hygiene post gains
by Karen McIntyre

Online Exclusive: Procter Rolling Out Products Across Entire Platform
McDonald outlines innovations to analysts group.

The Hygiene Market
component suppliers are raising the bar on innovation while keeping costs at bay
by Sandra Levy

2009 2010 State of the Industry
as we head into a new year, a look back on the past 12 months in nonwovens
by Karen McIntyre

Online Exclusive: Rieter Exits Nonwovens
Sells JetLace, SpunJet to Andritz

Online Exclusive: Glatfelter Execs Outline Concert Deal
$235 million acquisition propels company to the forefront of the airlaid market
by By Karen McIntyre

The Boom In The Filtration Market
Nonwovens filter players are hitting a home run in the filtration arena with innovative technology and cost efficiencies
by Sandra Levy

Nonwovens Go Nuts for Nanofibers?
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

The Industrial Wipes Market
more effective, less expensive, more flexible: nonwoven wipes are revolutionizing the industrial markets
by Karen McIntyre

The Airlaid Market: What Looms on the Horizon?
After overcoming crippling overcapacity and pricing woes, the airlaid market looks promising
by Sandra Levy

Contract Service Manufacturers Review
in every nonwovens market and every nonwovens technology, contract service manufacturers are offering their take on how to make materials stand out from the crowd
by Sandra Levy

Nonwovens in China: Capitalizing on Growth
by Karen McIntyre

Online Exclusive: Elmarco Executives Talk Nanotechnology
From filtration and Beyond, Nonwovens Applications for This Technology are Endless

Techtextil's Lucky 13
latest edition of Frankfurt show demonstrates industry innovation despite economic downturn
by Helena Engqvist

Online Exclusive: Dow Chemical Company Forms Dow Construction Chemicals
Unit combines Rohm and Haas Acquisition with Dow Wolff Cellulosics
by Sandra Levy

The 40th Annual Buyers' Guide

Online Exclusive: GDM Holds North African Symposium
Event looks at hygiene and disposables potential in region.

Online Exclusive: K-C CEO Discusses Goals, Strategies
Strengthening brands, moving into new geographies are key goals
by Karen Bitz

Fibers Come Full Circle
demands for sustainability, recyclability and conservation drive raw material markets
by Ellen Wuagneux

Antimicrobials To The Rescue
additives boost the power of nonwovens to fight off germs, bacteria and odors
by Ellen Wuagneux

Techtextil 2009: Exhibitor Spotlight
nonwovens companies prepare for Frankfurt show this month

Technology Innovations & New Business Opportunities: A New Session At INTC
by Mark Snider

Online Exclusive: SCA Trying To Remove the Stigma From Male Incontinence provides men with education, support

Online exclusive: Lenzing's Plasser Talks About What's Next For Tencel
Fiber will continue to grow and evolve into new applications
by Helena Engqvist

2009 Company Capabilities Expo In Print

Lower the Weight Of Your Film and Nonwoven Materials Through Adhesive Application Management
systems can save on raw material and non-material costs alike
by Michael Fornes

How Green Can Nonwovens Be?
by Mark Snider

Nice 2 B Niche
small pockets like acoustics stay strong even in the face of unprecedented economic challenges
by Ellen Wuagneux

ANEX 2009: It's Asia's Turn
part three of the triennial rotation of nonwovens trade shows will be held in Shanghai in May. Here's a look at what the industry has to offer.

Report On China's Nonwovens Production In 2008
despite global financial crisis, nonwovens continue to grow in China across all technologies, markets
by compiled by CNTA

Baby Diaper Absorbent Cores
new tests for effective core design
by Philip Hardy

Not the Time For Needlepunch
with their major market in dire straits, makers of needlepunched nonwovens are preparing for better days
by Karen McIntyre

ANEX09 and SINCE09: Its Chinas Turn
as demand for nonwovens grows in China, the rest of the world heads east

For Disposable Diapers, The Future is Green
In a unique project called WooDi, Sodra Cell, SCA and Chalmers University have joined forces to produce a diaper that could one day be made entirely of wood-based fibers
by Jonathan Roberts

INDA Hosts Filtration 2008
filtration industry meets in Philly to discuss recent developments

PLMA Show Shows Strengths and Weaknesses
interesting new products show up at store brands expo in Chicago
by Susan Stansbury

A Stack Of Issues
The disposable diaper market continues to be dominated by two multinational companies-Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble-however, these two giants continue to feel pressure from competing store brands as cash-strapped consumers are favoring private label products.
by Karen McIntyre

Evolutionary Equipment
Considering the current economic environment, maybe equipment suppliers' description of today's hygiene market as evolutionary (rather than revolutionary) isn't so bad after all.
by Ellen Wuagneux

Sitting Pretty
hygiene component suppliers prepare for pricing let-up
by Ellen Wuagneux

Fashion: Function in Action
an innovative collection of garments constructed from nonwoven fabrics researched, designed and produced by UK fashion students
by David Backhouse and Lynne Webster

The Year That Was
despite economic crises, raw material pricing and consolidation, the nonwovens industry continue to invest in the future.
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Online Exclusive: Next Generation Counterterrorism and Military Wipe Developed
Lawrence Livermore National Lab Study Finds Texas Tech Fibertect Wipe Best for Decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents, Toxic Chemicals
by Seshadri Ramkumar

Coming Clean
can nonwoven filters answer the call for better air & water quality?
by Ellen Wuagneux

North American Sanitary Protection Market, A Case Study
by Adrian Atterby

Up to Snuff?
increased performance capabilities boost industrial wiper growth
by Ellen Wuagneux

Airlaid: All The Way Back
Recovery Complete... What's Next?
by Phillip Mango

International Top 40
Raw Material Prices, Raw Material Prices, Raw Material Prices

Medical Market Maturation
flat volumes in North America have producers turning to Europe and Asia for growth
by Ellen Wuagneux

Geotextiles: Highs and Lows Shape the Market
new applications, products emerge despite economic challenges
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Machinery & Equipment Focus
a look at the latest offerings and news from suppliers in this busy sector

The 39th Annual Buyers' Guide

Wipe Hype
baby care still dominates personal wipes market as consumers worry over excess spending and narrow in on essentials
by Ellen Wuagneux

Fiber Makers Offer Alternatives
new fiber types give nonwovens makers more options
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

The Smaller, The Better
small fibers mean big business for nonwovens in filtration, medical, apparel, home furnishing & industrial uses
by Ellen Wuagneux

INDEX 2008: A Record-Setting Event
nonwovens exhibition exceeds expectations

26th Annual Company Capabilities
Expo In Print

Technical Textiles: Hot in HOT-Lanta
Techtexil North America bring industry veterans, newcomers to Atlanta

Online Exclusive: QC With A Female Twist
Debra Cherney's microbiological services firm offers solutions for customers' quality assurance, technical support and consultation needs.
by Ellen Wuagneux

Earth's Best... Only Better
nonwovens offer Mother Nature a boost in agricultural & landscape end uses
by Ellen Wuagneux

The Sound Of Silence
acoustic nonwovens keep down the noise
by Ellen Wuagneux

INDEX2008 Coverage
everything you need to know about this month's even in Geneva

The Great Divide
spunlace manufacturers point to a widening gap between low-cost commodity offerings and high-end niche products
by Ellen Wuagneux

The Evolving Roles Of Nonwovens In Technical Textiles
by Dr. Dong Zhang

Household Wipes Market Struggles To Win Over New Customers
by Adrian Atterby

Luxury Or Necessity?
producers still aren't convinced that automatic inspection is a need, not a want
by Ellen Wuagneux

Supply Shift
capacity expansion, proposed mergers and a changing customer base add up to exciting times for spunmelt producers
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

India: Rising Opportunities in Nonwovens and Technical Textiles
India will defy the existing nonwovens growth theory and grow exponentially with rising income levels
by Seshadri Ramkumar and Appachi Arunachalam

Performance & Comfort - All In One?
new protective garments prove two key features aren't mutually exclusive
by Ellen Wuagneux

Consumers Continue to Win with Disposable Baby Diapers
competition keeps price down, innovation up
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Hygiene Hype
suppliers feel the squeeze as costs and expectations soar
by Christine Esposito

Apparel Appeal
how one manufacturer used an apparel mindset to create an innovative nonwoven single-use panty
by Tiffany Overstreet

Taking It To The Streets
pricing woes still plague nonwovens producers in auto market
by Ellen Wuagneux

Filtration Market Continues to Evolve
as customers demand more sophisticated, efficient and cost effective products
by Chistine Esposito

Emerging Markets Force San Pro Makers To Re-examine Priorities
proliferation of premium products now as important as volume growth in some developing countries
by Adrian Atterby

Airlaid: Back On Track
after years of hand wringing, airlaid manufacturers are cautiously optimistic
by Karen McIntyre

Industrial Wipes - Delivering New Value
hard working products move into mainstream nonwovens applications
by Susan Stansbury

Pros & Cons Of The PL Diaper Market
industry insider offers advice on what to do and what to avoid
by Carlos Richer

INDA Reaches Out To India
U.S. association paves the way for nonwovens industry to enter emerging market

Geotextiles Think Fast
suppliers make strategy adjustments to overcome new challenges
by Ellen Wuagneux

Machinery & Equipment Makers Prepare for ITMA 2007
nonwovens' role continues to increase in textile machinery

Medical Mania
despite pricing pressures, increasingly stringent regulations and competition from China, the medical market continues to be viable for some nonwovens producers
by Karen McIntyre

Technical Textiles Come to Frankfurt
last months Techtextil and Advantex fairs break
by Helena Engqvist

2007 International Buyers' Guide
our 38th annual edition

A Review of the Personal Wipes Market and Opportunities For Future Growth
trend continues despite lifestyle change
by Adrian Atterby

What Is Your Nonwoven Made Of?
new fiber technology changes the face of nonwovens
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

The Great Shake-up
recent M&A activity has stirred up challenges
by Ellen Wuagneux

Expo In Print

Strong & Steady
roofing and construction markets see solid growth and promise potential for future expansion
by Ellen Wuagneux

Up In Flames
upgraded flame retardants bump up the performance of nonwovens in both residential and industrial end uses
by Ellen Wuagneux

Protecting America's Bravest
nonwovens technology used in bunker gear and personal protection equipment for firefighters
by Michael Ciampo

Making Moves In The AI Market
strong growth prospects have led to M&A activity in North America
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Flow of Incontinence Products Picks Up As Consumers Warm To The Idea Of Protection
a Euromonitor Report
by Adrian Attersby

Spunlace: Still Wiping Up?
overcapacity and pricing issues worry producers, but there is hope that product differentiation will lead the way
by Ellen Wuagneux

Food Pads: A Great Market For Airlaid
absorbency requirements open up opportunities in food packaging
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Riding The Wave
to stay afloat, producers of spunmelt nonwovens must balance high raw material costs, tough competition and overcapacity issues
by Ellen Wuagneux

A Two-Prong Attack On The Global Diaper Market
by Adrian Atterby

Competition Afoot In The Diaper Market
Producers too focused on the fight for marketshare to concentrate on technology changes
by Carlos Richer

Oh Baby!
disposable hygiene machinery producers strive to maintain flexibility, bump up performance and lower costs
by Ellen Wuagneux

The Hygiene Market: A Tale Of Two Cities
component suppliers balance innovation and pricing pressures
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Defensive Drivers
automotive suppliers continue to face a rocky road as they dodge cost pressures & competition
by Ellen Wuagneux

Blank Canvas
nonwoven fashion apparel & accessories could become an emerging market
by Belinda Orzada, Ph.D.

Filtration Attracts A Crowd
high volumes, high margins make filtration a winning bet for many nonwovens producers
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Visitors Flock To CINTE Techtextil
attendance increases reinforce event's position

Sanitary Protection In The US.
advances in technology and design help drive growth
by Euromonitor International

Airlaid Technology And Its Material in China
by John Xuan

Beyond Consumer, Wipes Growth Continues
nonwovens' displacement of laundered rags continues in industrial and institutional markets
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

The Comforts Of Home
nonwovens make themselves comfortable in the home furnishing sector, from bedding and window treatments to wallcovering applications
by Ellen Wuagneux

Airlaid: The Comeback Kid
once plagued by overcapacity and pricing challenges, are airlaids ready to get back in the ring?
by Ellen Wuagneux

The Indian Technical Textiles Market
segment growth is estimated at 6%
by Devaraj Parthasarathy

Companies To Watch
a look at some other important nonwovens producers
by Staff Report

Looking for Safety and Comfort? Medical Workers Give Nonwovens A Try
nonwovens up the ante in innovation to give healthcare personnel what they want
by Karen McIntyre

Emerging Markets: China, India, Latin American and Eastern Europe
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Nonwovens 101
VCU students fuse fashion and function to create innovative disposable clothing designs
by Ellen Wuagneux

Fiber Producers Search For New Ideas
with pricing still high and demands for diversity increasing, fiber manufacturers are focusing on research and development for the nonwovens industry
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

It's Getting Personal
personal care wipes makers look for the next blockbuster product
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Fighting Fire With... Technology
the market for flame retardants is heating up as new innovative components hit the scene
by Ellen Wuagneux

EDANA Tackles Infection Control
first-ever IN CONTROL! conference held in Prague

Development Of Nonwoven Fabrics For Military Applications
nonwoven composite technology lends key performance characteristics to uniforms, equipment
by Stephen Szczesuil

Expo in Print

Nonwovens For Civil Engineering and Roofing Felts In China
products have been used on a wide-scale basis since the early 1990s
by John Xuan

It's A Wrap
roofing and construction markets expand to meet new demands for high performance weatherizaton products
by Ellen Wuagneux

Spunlace Market Report
with a slate of new capacity coming onstream, producers look beyond commodities to add value in wipes and other markets
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

How Young Is Old?
adult incontinence products target increasingly active consumer base
by Ellen Wuagneux

Spunmelt: Whats With All The Hype?
in response to demand from hygiene and medical markets, manufacturers add capacity throughout the world
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

The QC Quest
quality control and inspection system suppliers keep striving for perfection as customers continue to demand it
by Ellen Wuagneux

Visions From Vision
INDAs latest consumer products conference is a success.
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Spunmelt Directory

Diaper Manufacturers Pay Their Dues
success requires innocation, global expansion and cost competitiveness
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

The Evolution of Household Cleaning
Fueled by busy homeowners willing to pay more for convenience, the evolution of the household cleaning products has meant less human contact with cleaning than ever before. But will consumers continue to shell out cash for gadgets when a regular spray bottle will do the trick?
by Christine Esposito

Hygiene Component Suppliers Provide Form, Fit and Function
pricing pressures, demands for innovation continue to define industry
by Karen Bitz McIntyre

Its Whats Inside That Counts
nonwovens play expanding role in automotive interiors
by Ellen Wuagneux

Review & Forecast
As 2005 draws to a close, nonwovens executives describe the year as positive for the industry.

The Filtration Evolution
growth continues as this highly technical nonwovens sector faces new demands and challenges
by Ed Homonoff

Feminine Hygiene in Europe
new products give women more choices
by Helena Engqvist

Converting Nonwovens For Improved Product Features
converters offer medical and hygiene producers new ways to meet product development challenges
by Dan Aberly

Industrial Wipes - Undergoing Change
the advantages of targeted features are projecting a substantial future for nonwoven wipes
by Susan Stansbury

Airlaid: State Of The Industry
better...but not good
by Phillip Mango

Product Development Trends In The Nonwovens Industry
various techniques for developing products are emerging
by Earle Sherrod

International Top 40
a look at the leading nonwovens producers in the world

Machinery & Equipment Focus
a look at the latest innovations and company highlights from suppliers of machinery and equipment

Regional Spotlight: China
INDA reports growth will slow but still remain high by Western standards

36th Annual Buyers' Guide
This annual guide lists nearly every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the globe in one comprehensive listing. This guide is divided into six sectionsmachinery and equipment suppliers, raw material producers, roll goods manufacturers, contract services, consultants and trade associations. Additionally a cross reference section organized alphabetically is provided at the end of the machinery and equipment, raw materials, roll goods and contract services sections.

Up Close and Personal
personal care wipes continue to benefit from proliferation and strong growth
by Ellen Wuagneux

Fibers Fight Back
despite raw material prices, supply shortages, suppliers focus on innovation to secure a brighter future
by Karen Bitz

Expo in Print
company profiles submitted by this month's display advertisers

INDEX Draws Largest Crowd Ever
attendance tops 12,000

Techtextil Preview
a look at what companies will be showcasing at next month's event in Frankfurt, Germany

Making a better nonwoven with technology
tips to avoid commoditization and add value using raw materials

Building a brighter future
nonwovens meet the grade in roofing and construction markets where educated home buyers and builders are demanding higher performing products

Geononwovens hang tight
increasingly specialized nonwovens adapt to meet performance criteria for a variety of geotextile uses in an effort to avoid commoditization

producers take heed of success in baby diaper market and now offer bells and whistles for improved performance in AI products

partnerships lead to questions over the future direction of the packaging market

manufacturers scramble to take advantage of wipes market growth, but can it last?

A Clean Sweep: Is It Within Reach?
household wipes have registered off-the-chart growth in recent years, but now manufacturers will need to innovate even more to compete

Spunmelt Nonwovens Roll On
industry deals with supply shortages, pricing pressures and looks to new applications

Nonwovens Potential And The Unique Indian Situation
future looks bright for disposables and durables in India

Doing Time In the Disposable Baby Diaper Market
Niche markets, Developing regions, Fuel growth

Taking On the Diaper Challenge
Intense competition continues for baby diaper machinery suppliers in a crowded global market

Vision Gears Up for New Orleans
Annual competition will be a highlight of consumer products conference

breathability and barrier resistance are key requirements in the medical sector

SAP shortages, customer demands, pricing pressures make it difficult to do business in diapers

with new scented products hitting the shelves, femcare producers are hoping to enjoy the sweet smell of success

is the overcapacity crisis over for airlaid?

manufacturers are finding new life for the process in specialty applications

R&D Gains New Focus
roll goods producers must innovate to ensure continued success

Airlaid Grabs Hold In Food Packaging
manufacturers develop new uses for technology

Machinery & Equipment Review
increased competition hits hygiene market

35th Annual Buyers Guide
This annual guide lists nearly every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the globe in one comprehensive listing. This guide is divided into six sectionsmachinery and equipment suppliers, raw material producers, roll goods manufacturers, contract se

IDEA Award Winners Announced
industry honors innovation in a number of categories

companies showcase products, services

Chinese Outlook
sunrise business is expanding

housing styles fuel nonwovens growth

EPA needs more equitable solutions

market forecast, manufacturers directory and review of machinery companies serving the market

Safety First, Comfort Second
protective apparel makers try new materials to boost compliance

Consumer Wipes Continue Boom
new growth opportunities eyed for future

Not Just Diapers
producers look to new areas for growth

A Model Of Flexibility
increased competition hits hygiene market

Hygiene Suppliers Hang Tough
market conditions pose many challenges in components

Nonwovens In Motion
auto manufacturers look for increase vehicle lifespan, durability and cost efficiency

The Medical Market: Charting Progress
manufacturers seek balance of protection and comfort

Nonwovens Flow Into Filtration
stringent standards and heightened awareness lead to innovation

Nonwovens Hit The Wall
wallcovering market receives boost from new applications

New Products Wanted
the airlaid market looks for ways to fill capacity

ITMA 2003 Hits Birmingham
machinery manufacturers to promote latest technologies

expanded services, upgraded machinery and new markets ease competition

Machinery & Equipment Review
a look at whats new with equipment suppliers

A Winning Combination
composites gain importance as the nonwovens industry looks for new technology

34th Annual Buyers Guide
This annual guide lists nearly every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the globe in one comprehensive listing. This guide is divided into six sectionsmachinery and equipment suppliers, raw material producers, roll goods manufacturers, contract se

Natural Fibers Win Laurels
lured by a variety of benefits, nonwovens continue to go natural in many applications

Synthetic Fiber Update
polyester, polypropylene, others positioned well for future growth

INDA, Nonwovens Industry Team Up For IDEA Awards
prestigious awards ceremony to highlight IDEA 04

Taking Roofs To A Higher Level
nonwovens enhancements shape residential and commercial roofing markets

Air Through Bulks Up
versatility, uniformity and a clean production process have manufacturers applauding air through bonded nonwovens

21st Annual Expo in Print
advertisers highlight company products, technologies and services

Give Me Shelter
jittery Americans boost protective apparel sales but manufacturers view growth with skepticism

Innovation Boosts Spunlace
emerging hybrid technologies and growing specialty markets hit the scene

Wiping Up Profits
outlook for home and commercial wipes sales remains strong

As Needlepunch Sales Lag, Manufacturers Remain Optimistic
plagued by overcapacity problems, needlepunch manufacturers are looking for growth opportunities

Baby Diaper Market Update
manufacturers continue to provide the best comfort, stretch and flexibility

Hygiene Machinery Update
machinery manufacturers have a good view of the hygiene segment

Spunbonded and Meltblown Nonwovens
manufacturers continue to focus on these two markets, despite lower pricing and overcapacity issues
by Eileen Wubbe

Heading Down the Highway
a look at nonwovens role in transportation
by Karen Bitz

Feminine Hygiene Market Update
newer products and ongoing innovation continue to shape market, while everyday products make their mark
by Eileen Wubbe

Filter Focus
roll goods producers view segment as a good one for growth and innovation
by Karen Bitz

Airlaid: Whats Next?
after an unprecedented surge in global capacity, the airlaid market is now left with an important question to answer
by Karen Bitz

Making An Incision In The Medical Market
nonwovens are a preferred material for use in hospitals
by Eileen Wubbe

The International Top 40
annual survey profiles the top nonwoven roll goods producers worldwide

Machinery & Equipment Review
a look at whats new with industry suppliers

The Best Of Both Worlds
composite structures combine multiple materials to create products with more function, better value and increased versatility
by Karen Bitz

33rd Annual Buyers' Guide
This annual guide lists nearly every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the globe in one comprehensive listing. This guide is divided into six sectionsmachinery and equipment suppliers, raw material producers, roll goods manufacturers, commission converters, consultants and trade associations. Additionally a cross reference section organized alphabetically is provided at the end of the machinery and equipment, raw materials and roll goods sections.

Harvesting The Benefits Of Natural Fibers
new uses and markets are constantly being established for these highly preferred fibers
by Eileen Wubbe

Look What Happened At INDEX 02
a review of the years largest nonwovens exposition

Techtextil North America Review
a look at what exhibitors brought to Atlanta last month

20th Annual Expo In Print
advertisers highlight company products, technologies and services

Home Is Where The Nonwoven Is
whether for a bedroom or living room, nonwovens send customers home happy
by Eileen Wubbe

Binders & Additives Update
suppliers to the nonwovens industry face many challenges
by Karen Bitz

Adult Incontinence: A Maturing Market
a look at the growing adult incontinence market
by Karen Bitz

Spunlace Soaks Up The Spotlight In Nonwovens Technology
spunlace has become a preferred technology among nonwovens manufacturers
by Eileen Wubbe

Wipe Products Change The Way We Work And Play
a look at the market for nonwoven wipes
by Karen Bitz

Quality Control Gets Roll Goods Into Shape
QC is rapidly evolving as it proves it can stand up to consumers demands and keep up to speed with technology
by Eileen Wubbe

Airlaids On The Horizon
pre-formed core expected to play a role in diaper technology
by Eileen Wubbe

Machinery Manufacturers Make Do
responding to the fickle needs of the hygiene industry can be tough,
by Karen Bitz

Full Speed Ahead For Nonwovens
auto manufacturers focus on costs, recyclability and lower weights for the future
by Eileen Wubbe

The Challenges Of Good Hygiene
hygiene component suppliers withstand consolidation, globalization, price pressures and a continuous call for innovation
by Karen Bitz

Nonwovens In Filtration
government regulations and consumer requirements drive growth
by Karen Bitz

Disposables On The Rise In The Medical Market
increased awareness of nonwovens advantages in the medical
by Eileen Wubbe

Much Ado About Airlaids
why is everyone talking about this technology?
by Karen Bitz

Airlaid Products Investments In The Future
as new capacity comes onstream, this technology finds a wide range of end uses
by Richard Knowlson

Ciao Bambini
consequences of the latest demographic developments in the European baby diaper market
by Sabine Martini

The International Top 40
annual survey profiles the top nonwoven roll goods producers worldwide
by Karen Bitz

Spunbonded & Melt Blown Nonwovens
despite overcapacity issues and price pressures, these two technologies remain tops with producers
by Karen Bitz

INTC Preview
a detailed look at events planned for this annual gathering

Machinery & Equipment Review
a look at whats new with industry suppliers

New Product Opportunities In Consumer Markets
nonwovens are finding consumer product areas an attractive deal
by Pricie Hanna and Lynda Kelly

Life After Death
nonwovens are being put to good use in the mortuary industry

Absorbent Patent Survey
growth could mean good things for the nonwovens industry

The 32nd International Buyers' Guide
The annual guide lists nearly every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the globe in one comprehensive listing.

In The Buff
natural fibers show they have nothing to hide from the nonwovens industry

Techtextil Review
a look at what was on display at recent Frankfurt event
by Karen Bitz

IDEA 01 Review
triennial event marked as largest gathering of nonwovens industry in North America

A New Spin On Spunlace
strength, durability and a textile-like feel have given nonwovens manufacturers high hopes for this technology
by Karen Bitz

In The Line Of Fire
nonwovens in the protective apparel market
by C.E. Pelc

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave
roll goods producers focus on their websites in the hope of ensnaring customers
by C.E. Pelc

Adult Incontinence Soaks Up Sales
the aging population has boosted this absorbent market segment
by Karen Bitz

The Year Of The Wipe
roll goods producers see no end to the recent boom in the nonwovens wiping business
by C.E. Pelc

On Cue With Quality Control
as the nonwovens industry grows, so do quality control practices within it
by Karen Bitz

Bringing Up Baby
competition in the disposable baby diaper market has led manufacturers to look toward innovation and global outreach to increase sales
by Karen Bitz

The Wonderful World Of Hygiene Machinery
with increased competition and stricter customer guidelines, manufacturers of hygiene machinery and equipment are doing their all to keep on top of the market
by C.E. Pelc

Life In The Fast Lane
strong market opportunities and innovative products push nonwovens into the winners circle in the automotive market
by C.E. Pelc

Review & Forecast
executives discuss how the nonwovens industry fared in 2000 and make predictions for 2001

The Filtration Boom
thanks to myriad new product opportunities in niche and traditional segments, the filtration market is gearing up for skyrocketing sales and even tighter competition
by C.E. Pelc

The Feminine Touch
the latest innovations within the feminine hygiene market show that manufacturers are listening to the ladies
by C.E. Pelc

Diagnosis: Nonwovens
nonwovens manufacturers are optimistic about the future of the medical market

By Land And By Sea
nonwoven roll goods manufacturers find that covering the world with geotextiles is not as easy as it looks
by C.E. Pelc

The International Top 40
annual survey profiles the top nonwoven roll goods producers worldwide

A Glass Act
with years of history behind it, glass is looking to find new markets, compete with synthetics and beat its lingering bad reputation

Absorbent Product Patent Review
as the industry looks forward to a new millennium, absorbent

31st Annual International Buyers Guide
a comprehensive directory for the nonwovens industry

Field Of Dreams
looking to score a home run, cotton suppliers are finding that if they grow it, customers will come

It\'s A Material World
needlepunched manufacturers report positive trends, giving new meaning to the word 'materialistic'
by C.E. Pelc

Something For Everyone
in the binders and additives market, customers are getting specific with their needs

Website Marketing: Pathway To The Future Or Necessary Evil?
Nonwovens Industrys first-ever review of the Web reveals how nonwovens companies stack up
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

Making It Big In The Adult Incontinence Market
manufacturers are giving two thumbs up to the markets success
by C.E. Pelc

The Power Of Packaging
the push toward thinner, lighter and stronger packaging continues
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

Nonwovens Make Themselves At Home
nonwovens strengthen their hold in homes around the world
by C.E. Pelc

Whoa, Baby!
competition in the baby diaper machinery market is as strong as ever
by C.E. Pelc

All That Jazz
producers are playing a catchy tune in the baby diaper sector

Doing Big Business In A Small World
suppliers of diaper components are striving to meet challenges
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

The Heat Is On
the ability to change is helping hot melts 'stick' in the industry
by C.E. Frei

Filtering Out Trends In The Filtration Market
a segmented business where manufacturers are finding their niche

Feminine Hygiene Overview
the latest news from the makers of sanitary protection products

Are We There Yet?
air laid manufacturers head toward a market break-through
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

The Little Wipe That Could
nonwovens begin to 'wipe up' the competition
by C.E. Frei

Scalpel. . . Suction. . . Nonwoven
our 'check-up' on recent trends and issues in the medical market

Absorbent Product Patent Survey
a review of this year\'s leaders and trends.

Counting On Cotton
with a strong foothold in retail markets, cotton suppliers are turning to nonwovens as a key market for future growth

There's No Place Like Home
trends, changes and challenges for nonwovens in the home furnishings sector

Full of Hot Air
versatile, efficient and cost-effective, air through bonded nonwovens have every reason to brag
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

Adult Incontinence Products: A Market Overview
the last of a three part series addresses adult incontinence
by Colin White

Feminine Hygiene Products: A Market Overview
part two of three part series covers sanitary protection market
by Colin White

Spunlaced Nonwovens
companies declare success in Europe and continue quest for markets

Technology In Search Of Markets
notes on air laid nonwovens of yesterday, today and tomorrow
by Ivan Pivko

Baby Diapers And Training Pants: A Market Overview
a look at the latest trends and developments
by Colin White

Dont Miss The Boat!
despite challenges, the time is right for involvement in China
by Peter Bolton

Prospects For The Nonwoven Products Business In North America
market growth on the order of 4% expected
by John R. Starr

Automotive Filtration: Growing Field for Synthetic Nonwovens
extended change cycles and service life presents challenges and opportunities
by Lutz Bergmann

Fabrics And Fibers Protecting The Firefighter
highly engineered nonwovens play an important role in defending NYCs bravest
by Michael N. Ciampo

Needlepunched Nonwovens: Is It Time For Another Look?
at long last needlepunching is being acknowledged as a sophisticatedrather than simplistictechnology set to play an essential role in the global nonwovens industry of tomorrow
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

There's Still a Place for Good Ole' Glass
fiberglass continues to hold its rightful place in nonwovens despite competition from synthetics
by Ellen Lees Wuagneux

The Evolving Protective Apparel Market
absorbency, breathability, comfort and heat stress lead the list of challenges for this growing market

Patent Results

Patent:#6,509,513 - Absorbent Article With Improved Fluid Acquisition System
 View Patent Info
Patent:#6,491,677 - Disposable Absorbent Article With Waist Barrier Including Skin-Friendly Adhesive
 View Patent Info

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